PhiChem Corporation is a leading developer, manufacturer and seller of high-performance, cost-effective materials for a wide-range of manufacturing sectors, including communications, electronics and consumer products.
We are a publicly traded company listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange ( In the United States, PhiChem is registered as PhiChem America, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of PhiChem Corporation, with offices in Livermore, CA and Atlanta, GA.
PhiChem is one of the world’s leading suppliers of UV curable optical fiber coating materials. The company’s core expertise in UV curable materials has also been leveraged for a variety of other applications, for example radiation (UV+E-beam) curable silicone-based coatings for release liner applications.

PhiChem’s electronics product portfolio includes key materials for the semiconductor, surface-mount and printed wiring board processing. Recently, the company’s product portfolio has been further diversified to include a line of high-purity alumina materials. These materials can be used for growing Sapphire crystal to make substrates for light emitting diode (LED) and portable electronics display cover manufacturing.