Optical Fiber & Cable Materials

PhiChem is the largest supplier of UV curable materials to the optical fiber and cable industry in China and one of the top three suppliers for that industry in the world. PhiChem’s materials are characterized by fast curing for high speed processing, and meet the industry’s stringent requirements for mechanical (e.g. microbending) and optical (e.g. refractive index) characteristics. Products include primary and secondary fiber coatings, low or high refractive index coatings, ribbon matrix, buffer coating, and fiber coloring inks. Technical data sheets of our representative products are provided below. Please contact us for more specific information on products listed, or to discuss a desired product that may not be listed.

Primary Fiber Coating: KG100

Product Properties: Fast curing speed, low modulus, superior elongation characteristics
Link to TDSKG100-1D (view Technical Data Sheet)
Link to TDSKG190-4 (view Technical Data Sheet)

Secondary Fiber Coating: KG200

Product Properties: Fast curing speed, high modulus, high glass transition temperatures
Link to TDSKG200-2 (view Technical Data Sheet)
Link to TDSKG290-2 (view Technical Data Sheet)

Low Refractive Index Coating: KG300

Product Properties: Low refractive index, good adhesion to glass, excellent thermal stability
Link to TDSKG300 (view Technical Data Sheet)

Ribbon/Matrix Resin: KG400

Product Properties: Fast curing speed, high modulus
Link to TDSKG400 (view Technical Data Sheet)

Buffered Fiber Matrix: KG500

Product Properties:Fast curing speed, low modulus, easy stripping characteristics, fire retarding
Link to TDSKG500 (view Technical Data Sheet)

Multimode Fiber Coating: KG800

Product Properties:Fast curing speed, low modulus in primary fiber coating, intermediate modulus in secondary fiber coating
Link to TDSK800-1 (view Technical Data Sheet)

Optical Fiber Coloring Inks

These proprietary UV-curable products are manufactured using PhiChem’s state-of-the-art production processes. Rigorous quality control and testing protocols are implemented throughout the process to maintain highest quality.

KI series optical fiber inks are available in the following twelve colors:
KI001(Blue); KI002(Orange); KI003(Green); KI004(Brown); KI005(Slate); KI006(White);
KI007(Red); KI008(Black); KI009(Yellow); KI010(Violet); KI011(Pink); KI012(Aqua)

All twelve colors are in accordance with the Munsell color-order system. We also offer inks with customized colors according to customer’s requirements.
Link to TDSKI Series 12 colors (view Technical Data Sheet)
Link to TDSKI Series LED (view Technical Data Sheet)

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