Specialty Resins, Intermediates and Additives

PhiChem leverages its core expertise of developing radiation curing coating materials to manufacture essential materials for several consumer applications. For example, our acrylic urethane and silicone coating resin and formulation expertise has been used to develop innovative solutions for release-liners on paper and decorative coatings on plastic film. Our scale-up and manufacturing expertise also allows us to serve other industries such as building and architectural materials.

UV and E-beam curable silicone acrylate surface additives:

Silicone diacrylates and mult-functional acrylate resins for UV and E-beam curable coating formulations for applications such as pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape & label release-liners, printing inks, coatings and adhseives with a considerable reduction in surface tension. Resins provide remarkable tape release properties and increase surface slip and levelling performance.

Link to TDS PhiChem Silicone Acrylate Resins for Release-liner Applications

Link to TDS Product code MA6330C

Link to TDS Product code MA6340B

Link to TDS Product code MA6310

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