The following is a summary of the key categories in PhiChem’s product portfolio. More specific information on each category, including product technical datasheets (TDS), can be found by clicking the link under each category.

Optical Fiber and Cable Materials

PhiChem is the largest supplier of UV curable materials to the optical fiber and cable industry in China and the second largest supplier for that industry in the world. PhiChem’s materials are characterized by fast curing for high speed processing, and meet the industry’s stringent requirements for mechanical (e.g. microbending) and optical (e.g. refractive index) characteristics. Products include primary and secondary fiber coatings, low or high refractive index coatings, ribbon matrix, buffer coating, and fiber coloring inks.

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Electronic Materials

Our electronic materials category includes products for the fabrication and packaging of semiconductor/integrated circuits (IC) microelectronics/surface mount technology (SMT) assembly and printed wiring board (PWB) industries. Product categories include solder-paste, conformal coatings, solder balls, epoxy molding compounds (EMC) and processing chemicals for IC and PWB fabrication.

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Display Materials

PhiChem’s display materials portfolio includes key materials that are required for the fabrication and manufacture of thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. In collaboration with industry experts from Taiwan and Japan, PhiChem has been developing photoresist technologies for touch screen borders, color filter and black matrix. PhiChem’s HCCH subsidiary supplies a variety of liquid crystal materials for manufacturing LCD panels and Smart Windows.

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Release Coating Materials

Silicone acrylate-based coatings are widely used to provide a release functionality from a variety of sticky and tacky surfaces, for example pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes and labels. PhiChem’s line of UV and E-beam curable silicone acrylates can be used as the key components in the formulation of release-liner coatings for the packaging, industrial and hygiene industries. PhiChem silicone acrylates may also be used as additives to provide slip functionality to protective coatings.

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Specialty Resins, Intermediates and Additives

PhiChem can leverage its core expertise in organic synthesis, scale-up and manufacturing of UV / E-beam curable materials and liquid crystals to provide a wide variety of resins, intermediates or additives for industries beyond the ones that form our mainstream business. Furthermore, our expertise in manufacture of coating formulations allows tailor formulations for custom applications. Our expertise in resins includes wide-ranging chemistries, including urethanes, silicones, epoxies and polyesters. The synthetic organic synthesis chemistry expertise at PhiChem’s HCCH subsidiary has been leveraged to manufacture key intermediates for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Please contact us for further information.

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